Mycotoxin Poisoning


Mold Blood Tests

Mycotoxins are the poisons produced by mold. They can be ingested, inhaled, or are absorbed directly through the skin creating a condition known as “Mycotoxicosis”.

Mycotoxins are documented as some of the most toxic compounds known to man, documented by the United States Centers for Disease Control “CDC” to cause liver failure, kidney failure, liver cancer, kidney cancer, disease and death in both human beings and livestock.

The United States Federal Food and Drug Administration, “FDA” for decades has monitored the levels of mycotoxin in the U.S. food surpluses to prevent American disease and deaths. However, these exact same toxins are found in millions of water damaged buildings, homes, schools, and apartments across the U.S. produced by the exact same species of the fungi the FDA looks for in our food surpluses.

Mycotoxin poisoning causes:

• Memory loss
• Autonomic nervous system dysfunction
• Voluntary nervous system dysfunction
• Vision loss
• White matter on brain
• Lesions on the brain
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Chronic Fatigue
• Skin rashes
• Skin Lesions
• Muscle and joint pain

And a host of other medical complications

NTCED staff has contributed in developing the new Gold Standard in Mycotoxin testing called “M-7” mycotoxin test now being used worldwide. Now testing for more toxins, with greater sensitivity levels and more reasonable pricing.