HLA DR Genetic DNA Testing


HLA DR Gene Test

The HLA DR Gene test has extreme limitations in the amount of information it provides for both the patient and the physician. Even after the patient has tested positive, the results offer the patient and the physician no real course of action. It would be the same as if you were told you were allergic to shrimp. So what do you do now?  Answer; “stay away from shrimp”. Since the majority of people know mold can make you sick, staying away from mold contaminated environments is a given whether you are positive for the HLA DR gene or not.

The outcome of the HLA DR Gene test has no bearing on the medical treatment, or medical protocol a patient will receive whether the test yields a positive or negative result. The HLA DR Gene test is a genetic test which demonstrates a propensity for the human body to be slightly more affected,or reactive to exposure to fungi, The reactive difference between a patient with a positive HLA DR Gene test result, or a negative result of the HLA DR gene test result, is completely unknown, as the test has no ability to quantify the severity of an adverse reaction.

We have found many doctors needlessly “over test” their patients, for inflammatory markers, genetic testing, and other tests that have no affect on the patients diagnosis or treatment.