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Mold Lawsuit

Mold lawsuits are not similar to any other litigation process. Each legal case involving mold damages are multifaceted and multi-dimensional, they are complex.

The National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease, “NTCED”, is not only the nation’s leading facility for the medical testing and treatment for mold exposure victims, but is also the undisputed leader in providing mold exposure victims with litigation support that wins!

To win your day in court, a mold exposure victim will need:

  • An experienced environmentalist
  • The correct environmental tests
  • The correct medical testing that will undeniably support medical damages
  • The right expert witness
  • The right medical team to support all claims


So what kind of damages can be pursued and successfully awarded by a court in a mold litigation cases?


Property Damages

Just because a person is a renter, or is leasing does not mean they do not have property damages.
Property damages include:

  • All personal property, i.e., furniture, clothing, bedding, electronics, documents, photos, pets, automobiles, etc., many of things must be thrown out and replaced with new and like kind.
  • The average cost to professional remediate a one (1) bedroom apartment’s contents from mold averages between $9,000.00 to $15,000.00.
  • Structural damage remediation and restoration can be, and usually is, in the tens of thousands of dollars.


Medical Damages

Most law firms do not have extensive experience in mold litigation. The science has advanced so rapidly proving that the pathogens in any indoor water damaged environment are in fact responsible for the direct cause of human disease. This is why few law firms are competent to recover medical damages.

Medical damages consist of:

  • Physical health conditions, i.e. Lung Damage, Brain Damage, Nervous System Damage, etc..
  • Psychological Damages, Pain and Suffering
  • Neurocognitive Function Damage


Expert Witnesses

NTCED has resources and referral lists of all types of expert witness that are necessary to proceed with mold litigation cases.