How Does Mold Make You Sick?


Mold can make you sick in three ways:

mold exposure symptoms

All physicians agree that mold can cause an allergic reaction. Most Primary Care Physicians when told by their patients that they have been exposed to mold send those patients directly to an Allergist or an ENT. Both referrals usually have little to no help for the patient.

Many Primary Care Physicians will tell their patients that only the elderly, immuno-incompetent, AIDS victims, burn victims, cancer patients, or those with an autoimmune disease can get a fungal infection. This is false! After seeing multitudes of patients NTCED treating physicians have seen hundreds of patients with fungal sinus infections, fungal lung infections, fungal skin and nail infections, and fungus and yeast in the bowels.

The toxicological effect of mold exposure is Mycotoxin poisoning, or “Mycotoxicosis”, this is the portion of mold exposure the medical profession as a whole cannot understand. The reason being this condition is not a disease, bacteria or virus like they normally see. There are not antibiotics to prescribe, and there is nothing to kill. This is a toxicological problem, actually a poisoning. So as most MD’s are not toxicologists, they have no understanding of what they are looking for, how to correctly test for it, and even less certainty on how to treat for it.

The NTCED through years of research has developed the most effective Mycotoxin and Endotoxin detoxification programs to date. Greater understanding provides greater medical answers providing exceptional patient results.