No, Cholestyramine is from an old protocol written over a decade ago. New research and discoveries have produced safer, much more advanced and effective methods of mycotoxin detoxification. The fact is that after ten (10) years of cholestyramine being prescribed, and this protocol in use, if they truly worked they would have already become the prescription medication standard and protocol for mold exposure. The fact is neither of them work.
No, while activated charcoal is good for some other things, it has no effect on mycotoxins whatsoever. This is another ancient and ineffective attempt in mycotoxin poisoning remedy
No, it is our opinion that particular protocol has no scientific basis in fact, or any documentation to back up their claims.
There is no main doctor, per say, our mission is to bring this science to mainstream medicine, with our facility having a brilliant reputation, not one physician. Our staff is made up of several types of healthcare providers all very good in each of their specialty fields. We utilize MD’s, Homeopathic and Naturopathic physicians, Doctors of Oriental Medicine, acupuncturists, Neuropsychologists, Neurotoxicologist, modalities and therapies.
Usually about 60-90 days, but patients suffering severe neurologic problems can take up to 6-12 months as the nervous system is complex as to how it heals.
No, patients come for two (2) days and administer protocol from home.
NTCED has an estimated 80-85% patient rate of recovery. This is based from our patient response and patient follow up.
It can be from a number of underlying causes. There is always the remote chance the patient has an underlying condition that we do not test or treat for. We operate in a very narrow field of medicine.
This is medicine, there are never any guarantees, in any medical facility.
Yes, we accept most health insurance plans.
Each patient’s protocol is different. For example a family of five (5) all living in the same house, will not have all of the same symptoms, or the same results on their laboratory reports This is why every person’s protocol is different. There is no one size fits all protocol.