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Why Are We So Successful?
Because We Started Out Different!

Our Story:

Mold Blood Tests

When our team set out to conquer the mystery of mold exposure, we didn’t do it from a clinic, with one doctor guessing which patient medication might work. After examining many of our colleagues’ works and papers, we realized their protocols were flawed and did not effectively hold the answers for the majority of these exposure victims.

Common sense dictated that if people were sick from living, working, or going to school in a particular environment, the answers were going to be in those environments. Our team knew these people in Sick Buildings and indoor water damaged environments were truly sick, but now the challenge was to discover just what was really making them sick? While our colleagues remained intently focusing on just mold and the mold spores, we decided to take a more scientific approach.

1. We first decided which scientific method we would use to determine what was making people sick in these structures.

Understanding scientific research procedures, we decided to take a tact similar to that of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) methods to identify, isolate, and quarantine the things in these buildings that could be the possible causes of these illnesses.

2. We started out doing environmental sampling / testing of these contaminated environments.

Our team traveled to the hurricane ravaged areas produced by hurricanes, Jeanne, Wilma, Rita, and Katrina. Our team sampled hundreds upon hundreds of these water damaged structures. And the results paid off!

Yes, there was mold in all of these buildings, which was obvious even to the casual observer. The real find was:

• Mycotoxins
• Endotoxins
• Exotoxins
• (1 —≥ 3) β – D Beta Glucans
• Mycobacterium
• Gram-negative bacteria
• Springtail Mites
• Parasites

Things that only field research could have brought to light, and all are things that would make exposure victims sick.

3. Now that we had identified and isolated the actual culprits that were causing Sick Building Syndrome, we needed to match medical testing to detect those specific toxins within the human body.

The bad news came as we discovered that there were no standard medical tests available to detect the above list of toxins.

4. Again our team set out to do what others deemed an almost impossible task.

Over the next year our team developed medical test never seen before, hitting the mark and being able to now detect these toxins in the human body as never before.

5. Now that our team knew what pathogens were in the environment, and could for the first time accurately detect them in the human body, the last feat remained to create effective protocols to remove those toxins from the body.

The ability to define how many, or which toxins are present in the human body was the key factor for our teams being able to develop the most advanced protocols for those toxins removal, providing superior results and patient recovery.